Sandy Springs Woman's Club

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Sandy Springs Woman's Club

Our members enjoy participating in a host of projects and activities that serve others in the community.
We find that working together to help others has the added benefit of strengthening our fellowship.

Here’s a sampling of our past, present, and ongoing activities:


CHANGE FOR CHANGE: Members donate their spare change at each meeting. This simple but powerful contribution helps a family purchase livestock, such as a goat. Under the auspices of Heifer International, the family can begin the process of sustainable farming. Our “change” facilitated important “CHANGE” for these families.

BAKER’S CLUB: As part of the Baker’s Club, once a quarter, we volunteer our time and effort by baking cookies for the children and families receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital.  In the Ronald McDonald House’s well-equipped kitchen, our members bake cookies and other treats. As the smell of the warm, freshly baked cookies fills the air, a line of smiling children emerges!

DAY BRIGHTENER: Wanting to bring a little cheer to the senior citizens in our community, our members spent multiple days creating, by hand, a series of colorful and engaging cards that included a positive message for the day. We visited the residents of Sunrise at Huntcliff Summit; broad smiles were seen, as we greeted them and gave them a card. It was a “Day Brightener” for all.

FOOD BANK:  Non-perishable foods, such as cases of corn, tuna, and baked beans, are donated by our club members to the food bank at Peachtree United Methodist Church.

SWEET MOMENTS: Teachers perform the important function of educating and empowering the children in our community. As a sign of appreciation, we worked together and made SWEET MOMENTS, candy packaged in decorative bundles, more than 125 bundles! These were arranged in an attractive basket and delivered to the teacher break room at a local school.

ADOPT A FAMILY: We adopted a family, identified by the Community Assistance Center, who needed help securing the items on their son’s wish-list for Christmas. We had fun playing the role of Santa’s helper. We were able to provide the family with all the items on their son’s list (scooter, helmet, Legos, and movie tickets) and two Kroger gift cards to help make Christmas dinner special.

FUNKY FOOTWEAR: We collected new “fun/fancy” socks and gave over 100 pair to a local children’s hospital and, in a different year, to a homeless shelter.

A TOUR OF THE CDC, MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY, SECRETS OF A SOCCER MOM, ETC.: Our attendance/participation at these events and similar ones helped to support the efforts of the residents of our community. Opportunities for fellowship were plentiful.

SILENT AUCTION: We had our first try at a silent auction in 2019.  This fun event proved to be a winner and we are sure to repeat it. (Maybe you’ll join in during our next auction!)  The proceeds generated money to fund many of our other service projects.

TOYS FOR TOTS, OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD, DR. SEUSS BOOKS: Each of these projects allowed us fun opportunities to serve the children and teenagers in our community.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

United Nations Foundation, CEO