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Sandy Springs Woman's Club


SSWC Cookbook

In 2010, SSWC chairpersons Marva Greene and Amanda Degenhardt worked with the community to develop the 2010 SSWC Cookbook.  Cooking truly is both an art form and a way to bring pleasure to those in our homes, community and workplace.  Recipes were collected from local leaders, including Eva Galambos, Mayor of Sandy Springs, chefs from local restaurants, and SSWC members.

The cookbook, housed in an attractive three ring padded binder, includes:

  • Over 400 recipes 
  • Weights and measures
  • A roasting chart
  • Tips on baking breads and deserts, cooking vegetables and fruit, and much more
  • Quick substitutions for common ingredients
  • Cooking terms
  • A list of basic pantry needs
  • Definitions of spices
  • Quick fixes
  • And more!

Proceeds from the cookbooks are used to raise funds for various programs supported by the SSWC, such as to purchase books and school supplies for children in the community.